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Mentor whenever you want. 
30 minutes at a time.
No minimum commitment.

Mentoring with Path lets you do access volunteering around your schedule.


Every day you'll get a Daily Roundup e-mail with a list of all available sessions for your subject. It's entirely opt-in mentoring. Just select ones you want to do, or if you are too busy, just ignore. 

Each session lasts around 30 minutes and is just an informal chat.


We find that most users just want to be put at ease.


You've successfully been through Oxbridge interviews and the application process so a Path session is really about imparting your experience. Don't think of a session as some kind of 'intensive tutoring' - it's more just being there and relaying your own experiences and just being a friendly face to answer questions. 

While we hope that you'll mentor primarily just to help a future applicant... we also know that having perks is a nice plus so we'll provide club night discounts and freebies to top mentors 😊

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